The most suitable Legal Structure.
The involvement of the entrepreneur’s personal assets.
A new investment.

The life cycle of any business entails crucial moments in which acting adequately or not might make a major difference.

That is why Legisconsulting offers the necessary legal advice to allow businesses to be born, grow and develop with no additional major costs.
Legisconsulting is the law firm founded by José Mª Sánchez Casillas, an experienced lawyer in business and corporate law advice with solid educational background ensuring maximum confidence as from the first day.

Legisconsulting provides customised, flexible and economic services. Our services are provided in a prompt and efficient fashion using the most efficient communications technologies.

Legisconsulting way of working

Keys to success

  • THE SECURITY of the company and entrepreneur
  • THE RETURN of the investment
  • THE EFFECTIVENESS of the legal structure.
  • THE EFFICIENCY of the day-to-day operations