a smart growth

Professional planning as provided by Legisconsulting is a guaranty to reach your objectives at the lowest cost.

Because a smart development is always easier, cheaper, safer and more convenient.
A professional and organized planning is the basis for an easier, cheaper, safer and more efficient business development.

There are are many reasons why an enterprise needs to make new investments and thus grow.

The reasons for this can be very diverse: seeking synergies or cost savings, the search of new business opportunities, renewal and improvement of business structures, or simply the search of security to the company, the entrepreneur or the managers.

Growth is, in most cases, necessary to the survival of the business. And it is in the ability to adjust to changes on which the success of already established businesses is based.

Objectives to achieve


Risks and liabilities should always remain within the boundaries of the enterprise avoiding their transfer to other companies or persons.


From all possible existing legal forms being the object of new investments, only one will be the best bearing in mind both the pre-existing circumstances and the generated expectations.


The way the investment is made should take into account the pre-existing circumstances and the expectations, but also the day-to-day operations.

The success of the investment will be determined to a great extend by the business philosophy and the daily operations;


Seeking the highest ‘return’ with the lowest possible investment.